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ALS Bracelets by B's Bracelets

100% of the proceeds go to A Lemon-Aid Stand project of A Love Story foundation. 

Your Tax Donation is approximately $10.00. (Tax ID: 82-114123).

The Braided ALS Bracelet is designed by fourteen year old Brooklynn Snyder, creator of B's Bracelets, through PuraVida. Brooklynn wanted to help raise money for A Love Story foundation (ALSf) so that she could directly help and support those impacted by ALS. B's Bracelet's ALS Bracelet Series is part of A Lemon-Aid Stand project that ALSf operates to support a platform for kids and youth to use their talents and interest to raise funds and awareness for ALS project and charities.

ALS Braided Bracelet:

  • A PuraVida Bracelet- https://www.puravidabracelets.com
  • Style: Unisex, braided
  • Colors: Red, Black, and White
  • Material: Wax coated thread
  • Size: expandable, one-size fits most

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