A Love Shared project

Building an army of hands and angels to fight this battle against ALS to the end through fundraising promoting and matching.


About: A Love Shared project

A helping hand or a hand-up has been the foundational tenet in evaluating how to best provide funding and support to those in need. It is important to solve a problem, and it can be equally or even more important to provide an  opportunity to prevent the problem. Likewise, it is important to help one person, and it is even more important if you can build a team to help more people. The more hands the more help and love shared.

ALS is terrible disease that impacts ways too many people in way too many ways. There are many challenges to the disease that include a need for a cure, the expense of care, the financial and emotional impact to those impacted and the downstream impacts of the disease for all. More people involved and more funding is greatly needed. A Love Shared project is focused on building and supporting those active in the fight against ALS. A Love Shared project provides matching donations up to $1,111 to individuals advocating and raising funds for ALS organizations. By focusing not this approach, we can help provide a hands-up and encourage those involved in the fight.

It is central to our mission and vision to help build and create love stories for others. Please select Donate To and support others make a bigger impact to their work and efforts to contribute to someones love story.

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